Postal Code ImplementationMinistry of Public Utilities & TTPOST in collaboration with the Point Fortin Borough Corporation

  • The Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation, in efforts to improve its service delivery and financial viability, has actively sought certification in the S42 standard in addressing from the Universal Postal Union, the World Governing body of Post. Having attained certification in February 2012, TTPost was charged with the mandate of implementing this standard throughout Trinidad & Tobago.
  • This project has links with other organizations & economic and social activities—opening up opportunities in direct marketing, e-business and other point of location based activities, such as emergency health services and national security.
  • When the Addressing Improvement Project was launched, Point Fortin was chosen as the pilot district, and as a result TTPost partnered with the Point Fortin Borough Corporation for implementation.
    Resources were allocated from both Corporations to see the successful numbering & re-numbering of Point Fortin and environs.
  • The launch of the Postal Code System (TT-PCS) on March 28, 2012 is also a significant milestone. As part of this project TTPost intends to launch an internet – based postal code finder that would allow the public to search for their own postcodes online from our website, whenever and wherever it is convenient to them.  Currently, customers can send postal code queries to our email address at
  • The Address Improvement project entailed the execution of a numbering/re-numbering exercise with the primary objective being the assignment of the S42 postal address to every single delivery point in Point Fortin. The address standard being assigned will include the building number, street name, community name, postal district, postal code and country name.
    A total of 94 streets were numbered/re-numbered & appended with a six digit postal code
  • The Government of Trinidad & Tobago will benefit from a proper addressing system in order to provide utilities such as water & electricity. Businesses would benefit by being able to identify and locate new clients and develop and grow new markets. Improved addressing would also allow businesses to facilitate access to their services and products – including those ordered via the internet
  • “The lack of a complete, correct and unique national addressing system constitutes a major socio-economic challenge for a number of developing countries”- Universal Postal Union


  • The verification of  street signs within the Borough
  • The numbering /re-numbering of 116 streets in Point Fortin
  • The creation of an Addressing Implementation Model
  • The identification of streets in need of names in the Borough
  • Opening up of partnership between the two Corporations
  • Strengthening of the Borough’s competencies in numbering
  • The fast tracking of a comprehensive Numbering Manual and Training Plan for subsequent addressing activities
  • Validation of the Address Management Systems Database with respect to the Point Fortin dataset
  • Provision of an opportunity for TTPOST to monitor the use of the postcodes
  • Establishment of the Borough of Point Fortin as a best practice for proper addressing nationally and regionally

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